NVMHoster Nameservers

Nameservers are a critical component of the Domain Name System (DNS), responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses. NVMHoster provides two primary nameservers for managing DNS records associated with domains hosted on their platform: ns1.nvmhoster.com and ns2.nvmhoster.com.

Nameserver Details

  • Primary Nameserver: ns1.nvmhoster.com
  • Secondary Nameserver: ns2.nvmhoster.com


These nameservers are used by NVMHoster customers to manage their domain’s DNS settings, including pointing the domain to a specific web server, configuring email servers, and setting up various DNS records like A, CNAME, MX, TXT, etc.

Configuration Instructions

When setting up or managing a domain hosted by NVMHoster, customers can specify these nameservers in their domain registrar’s settings. This process typically involves logging in to the registrar’s control panel and updating the domain’s nameserver records to point to ns1.nvmhoster.com and ns2.nvmhoster.com.

DNS Management

Once the domain’s nameservers are configured to point to NVMHoster’s nameservers, customers can manage their DNS settings through NVMHoster’s control panel or dashboard. This allows users to add, edit, or remove DNS records as needed to ensure proper functioning of their websites, email services, and other online assets.

Availability and Reliability

NVMHoster maintains redundant nameserver infrastructure to ensure high availability and reliability. By distributing DNS queries across multiple servers and data centers, NVMHoster minimizes the risk of downtime and ensures that customers’ domains remain accessible at all times.


For assistance with nameserver configuration, DNS management, or any other related issues, customers can reach out to NVMHoster’s support team. They provide technical support and guidance to help customers effectively manage their domain’s DNS settings and resolve any issues that may arise.


NVMHoster’s nameservers, ns1.nvmhoster.com and ns2.nvmhoster.com, play a crucial role in managing DNS records for domains hosted on their platform. By configuring their domains to use these nameservers, customers can efficiently manage their online presence and ensure reliable access to their websites and services.

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